Spiritual Services

by Colleen Morgan

Colleen is an Ordained Minister, Spiritual Medium, and Energy Healer for over 25 years. She has seen Spirits and other dimensions since the age of 5. Readings are done with your Guides and Angels and are always on the positive side with lots of guidance.  She specializes in Spirit Removal, Demonic Possessions, Readings, and Shamanic Healing including the Chakras.  She runs the famous OC Paranormal  Society. 

Spirit Release

Spirit Release is not for the faint of heart! It is a lifelong calling and not entered into lightly. Contrary to popular belief, just sagging a room does not remove Spirits. Colleen trained for 3 years with a top expert in the field of Spirit Release/Demonology with over 30 years experience removing Entities. Colleen has worked for top Real Estate companies clearing houses so they can sell. Many multi-million dollar Companies have hired her to clear their companies, but mostly she works with families and private clients to help make their lives better. No one should live in fear!


Colleen has a BA degree and studied Energy Medicine with Shaman and Energy Workers in the field. She worked with Kim Fraser in Angel Healing and she works with her Spirit Guides and Angels to help remove energy blockages and Entities from clients  Auras.