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About Us

Mine Location in North Carolina


We try to minimize the impact on the  environment when mining. When we are finished in the pockets shown we fill it in and replant trees. We also use recycled packaging and employ physically challenged adults. 

This is the first cave where the crystals were found.


This cave was found by accident while hiking the 100 acres of property. 

Azeztulite Healing


Family Owned & Operated Mine and  Business est. 1991. Holistic Healing approach to working with Azeztulite and other crystals & minerals for optimum health.

Azeztulite Mine Direct

Additional Information

As a family run business, we have been operating and selling Mine Direct Azeztulite Crystals and other fine High Energy Minerals & Crystals since the early 1990's. Our crystals are used by 1000's of people Worldwide. We believe in good quality for a great price in all the crystals we sell.

We are the first to bring Azeztulite to the online community. Azeztulite, which is quartz and always has been quartz with amazing energy from the Magical Blue Ridge Mountains. There are so many lay lines and special Native American sites near the mine. Melody actually named our crystals Azeztulite after we sent her a sample. 

Judy Hall, author of the "Crystal Bible" also uses our Azeztulite in her healing classes in the UK. These Beautiful, Powerful, High Energy Azeztulite Crystals have only been handled by  a very few people. From the mine directly to you makes them very special. Each of our Azeztulite comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, purple pouch, and directions on how to use.

AZEZTULITE HISTORY: We began selling our Azeztulite back in early 1990's at local mineral shows, they were a big hit with the metaphysical community. 

Our Azeztulite has a wonderful very high vibrational energy that they get from where they were born in the Magical Blue Ridge  Mountains of North Carolina.  They are beautiful High Quality Quartz crystals. Yes Quartz! Azeztulite has always been a type of quartz. If you are very sensitive to energy, we suggest you use a grounding stone such as hematite, or tigers eye with your Azeztulite to balance and ground you so you don't experience light headedness and/or dizziness working with it.

Light & Love,

The Morgan Family