About Rileys rescues

Abandoned Dogs Need Our Help!

There is an epidemic in the high desert of Southern California. Really awesome dogs are being abandoned on the way to Ski Resorts and Las Vegas without food or water, left to fend for themselves. Many are attacked by the large preditors in the area. These were pets and don't do well in the desert. They basically are dumped to die.  

You Can Help!

Rileys Rescues saves these animals and finds them loving homes, but we need your help! Every Penny Donated, as well as a percentage of crystal sales from this website are used for: Food, Blankets Toys, Foster Care, Vet Care,  until we can find their forever homes. Many are rehabilitated and retrained since some have been feral for long periods of time. 


We accept PayPal, and all major credit cards for donations. We also accept canned dog food, blankets and bowls, please contact us to donate items if you live in the High Desert of Southern California: 949-870-9331.  If you are interested in Fostering or would like to be on the pre-screened adoption list, please call or email us.  info@rileysrescues.com. If you see a dog in this area please contact us so we can try to save it. 

please Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for these dogs. Your generous donation will save lives. Riley's Rescues saves dogs in the High California. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card